Monday, November 15, 2010

caramel-topped semolina cake

What I thought would be an easy recipe this week for me was a do-over three times to get it right.  The first time I burned the caramel.  The second time I got the caramel right but when I turned the pan upside down to plate it my whole cake fell apart.  The third time was the charm!  I benefited from my mistakes each time and was rewarded with a moist little cake, something similar to a flan with a gooey caramel topping, sprinkled throughout with enough raisins for every bite.  If raisins aren't your favorite, try any bits of dried fruit.  The semolina that gives the cake its name is in the form of farina, or what is better known as Cream of Wheat in the United States.  

This cake would be the perfect ending to a light meal.  Try it with creme anglaise and I promise you you won't regret it.  As for me, I don't regret I stuck with it and tried this little gem of a cake...even if it did take three times.

Next Friday: Roast chicken for les paresseux


onewetfoot said...

I had to try it twice to get it right and then a third time to try it with cranberries!

Steph said...

Love the creme anglais addition! Good for you sticking with it. It's certainly a yummy treat!

Beth said...

Hi M I was hoping you would post. I'll be doing this one next week (hopefully only once..) Love your pictures as usual. The creamy goodness on top looks amazing! B

Ann (napangel) said...

Your photos are gorgeous! Oh, my. And I totally forgot to try the creme anglaise with my cake. Shoot!

Anonymous said...

Nice job photographing the creme anglais dripping over the cake. Love all the white in the second photo. N.

Elaine said...

oh, I am so glad that you kept trying. It looks like it turned out perfect. Your photo is beautiful!

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