Thursday, January 13, 2011

paris mushroom soup

Finally a recipe to get excited about after the last three or four recipes were, in my opinion, forgettable. This soup was so good my husband, who has never finished a bowl of soup in his life, had two bowls!  Granted, he loves mushrooms, but this soup was really, really good. The flavors of butter, onion, garlic, white wine, parsley and rosemary combined so well together.

This soup uses champignons de Paris for its base, otherwise known as plain white or button mushrooms. This recipe originates from a small Paris bistro called Les Papilles.  There it is served in a shallow soup plate with a small mushroom salad. The salad consists of thinly sliced raw mushrooms seasoned with salt and pepper, chopped chives and parsley, all topped with a tiny bit of creme fraiche. Then as the hot soup is poured over the salad the mushrooms are cooked slightly.  There is a nice contrast between the cooked soup and the raw mushrooms.  I suggest you make sure you serve this soup very hot.  And do not skip the creme sends this already fantastic soup over the top.   

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