Saturday, October 9, 2010

gerard's mustard tart

This week for French Fridays with Dorie I prepared Gerard's Mustard Tart.   The recipe originates from Gerard Jeannin, a proprietor of a bed and breakfast inn just outside Dijon, France.  Dijon is known for its export: Dijon mustard.  This tart is made with carrots, leeks, eggs, creme fraiche, and - you guessed it - mustard.  Two types of mustard.  Dijon, a smooth mustard, and a grainy or old-fashioned mustard, know in france as "a la ancienne." There's also a version of this tart when tomatoes are in season.  The crust is a basic tart dough, pate sablee, or basic shortbread.

I enjoyed preparing the tart dough, but it took quite some time, because it had to be refrigerated multiple times between preparation steps.  It was nice that you could prepare it one day and refrigerate or freeze it to use at a later time.  

The mustard filling was easy and quick.  The leeks and carrots smelled so good steaming while I put together the rest of the ingredients.  Be careful not to over-steam.  My veggies turned out a little soft.  The creme fraiche was yummy all by itself!  Note to self:  Don't get distracted when adding 6 tablespoons of creme fraiche.  I lost track, whether I'd added 5 or 6 tablespoons.

This could be a real quick meal to prepare if you already have your crust prepared...prepare the filling, add to the prebaked crust, and bake for 30 minutes.  Although I think I would prefer the tomato version, and have made a mental note to try it when heirlooms are in season, I do think this tart would be a nice addition to a brunch buffet table.  Guests would be puzzled by the taste. The flavor was nice when coming right out of the oven, and the creamy mustard taste lingered, which made me want more.  

Next week with FFwD: spicy Vietnamese chicken noodle soup.


Anonymous said...

beautiful photo! N.

Anonymous said...

I can smell it baking in the oven right now.

eatinthemiddle said...

your photos are lovely! thanks for stopping by. look forward to more french fridays.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful blog! Can't wait to see what you post next. M the second : )

Elaine said...

I agree - this is a great quick meal if you have the crust prepared ahead of time and it also would make great appetizers. Your photo is beautiful!

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